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This is a movement, and we wouldn't be anything without the people who make Developers' Society happen.

Positions Apply

If you want to get up close on the action, we'd love to have you join our team. First things first, we're not just hackers or hustlers—we don't have years of experience with computer science, nor do we eat and breathe code. We're a team of people who love technology and the impact it can bring about, whether this comes in the form of competitive programming, regular software engineering work, technopreneurship, or understanding the ethics and means on how technology impacts society. We know it's essential to students and want to induce a network of collaboration and innovation in the youth. We want technology in our lives, integrated whenever it's possible to make something positive, and we love creation with it and through it.

In short, we're students that 💖 technology in our own ways and care about exposing, impacting, educating, and empowering.

Now, our open positions are down there.

Regional Director, Core Member

Executive Board

Executive Secretary

As the Executive Secretary, you take charge of the filing and safekeeping of all Developers' Society documentation; assisting in document control and management under the Vice Presidents. The Secretary assists in the drafting, organizing, and sorting of materials for efficiency and clarity, as well as approving important documents and graphic materials.

Board of Directors

Regional Director

ALWAYS OPEN: Aimed at building a presence for Developers' Society in their geographic locality, regional directors expand Developers' Society's reach by being the appointed person in their institution or locale to assist in project management, chapter establishment, and related work.

Directors assign tasks, consult the advisory board of professionals and educators for validating materials (if necessary), and work in tandem with the Vice Presidents in planning for future materials.


Media Officer

Media Officers design pubmats, promotional, and marketing material for Developers' Society's events, projects, and posts. They may also be assigned to help format and layout materials for DevEd.

Photoshop or any other software able to manipulate .PSD files is required.


Core Member

ALWAYS OPEN: Members of the Developers' Society Core team may sign up to take up managing positions on offline projects around their area and all online ones, helping execute and plan events according to their skillset. They also help promote posts serving as ambassadors for the organization, and are encouraged to write and share content, spread its reach, and engage with the community.

Core members may be promoted to higher positions, or simply sign up for openings in managing their commitments. They're expected to consistently assist in promotions, marketings, and to visit and staff events if possible.


To apply: You may send a cover letter (a paragraph or two about why you're fit for the position and what you can offer) and resume (if any) with an introduction to using the subject "Committee Application — YOUR NAME". All high school/college students from any part of the world are welcome to apply.

Please ensure that your cover letter is relevant to the position that you're applying for, and to point out any credentials or past experiences that make you fit for the job.