Teach Tech and be a part of coding for the world, with the world in a series of outreach missions across the Philippines.

About the Outreach Program

We're currently at the prime time for creation. In an era where there are countless resources and tools available for us to shape the world, no wonder technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship are day-to-day words thrown all around. However, access to these tools is still divided, and the gap in innovation continues to grow.

In Teach Tech Outreaches, Developers' Society conducts one-day or recurring workshops to underserved communities that introduce and engage students to the fundamentals of innovation: learning skills from design, development, digital literacy, and more on a unique student mentorship platform with a student-designed, educator-approved curriculum.

Our outreaches are currently conducted in the Philippines.

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Get involved

For students and other volunteers

Interested in volunteering to be a teacher? No prior tech experience is required! Just the willingness to learn, passion to serve, and love for creation (and having fun!) is needed. First, join us as a Developers' Society member if you aren't one yet at devsociety.ph/join. Next, stay on the lookout for announcements of outreaches around your area.

As we pilot our program, we are also welcome to young professionals and graduates who are interested in joining us to help teach, as well as older advisers.

Take note that this is a volunteer program, and although we will do our best to shoulder things like food, materials, and a portion of the (optional) teacher's shirt, we may not be able to cover your transportation costs. We are very sorry and we will work on this in the future.

For educators and school officials

We are always looking forward to meet and plan visits to schools in the Philippines! Please locate our Primer for information on our program and feel free to contact the current coordinator, Chiara Amisola at chia[at]devsociety.ph if you are interested in our program. As stated, we can schedule an initial call and then pan things out from there.


Our program relies on funds collected through our efforts and through the materials of our executive members. Cash donations help us go on more outreaches and material donations (like school supplies, tablets, or laptops) go an incredibly long way in helping us reach the most underserved of communities.

Please contact Chia at chia[at]devsociety.ph in case you are interested in donating.