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Learn about joining our global community of student creators standing as founders, entrepreneurs, developers, writers, advocates, and beyond.

TLDR; Develop things with us. Be elevated. Think global, and accessible. We're a community of students, and we're waiting for you.

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A Global Community

Founded in the Philippines and now thriving in over fifteen countries, we consist of students from high school to college interested in learning, building, and launching--exploring technology in all its intersections. You may meet your next co-founder, or just make a ton of friends in career and learning from thousands of miles away.

We're energetic, diverse, and inclusive. We're the generation of creation.

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Learn All Around

We host workshops, mentorship programs (one for creating projects and one to get in touch with professionals!), create and write incredible student-written education material, get excited over tech news, go to events and competitions… there's no better community to share knowledge and grow.

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Create the World

Hack a project together and launch it in our thirty-day sprints, join us on our long-term student fellowship program to make full use of our resources, network, mentors, and funding in putting something together for the community, or build small apps and websites for advocacy groups while building your portfolio and learning new skills.

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Bridge the Divide

We're collaborating with companies, governments, legislators, and educators to make technology and innovation accessible. Be a part of the movement, share your knowledge, and help us bridge the creation gap.

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Empower and inspire

Through our network, publication, and spotlight opportunities, we'll help you get your work and name out there in our community & beyond. We're redefining the stigma on the youth, showing the world what we're capable of.

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Build your chapter

Learning is contextual, and having a physical environment to connect with your peers is crucial. Explore opportunities to launch your own Developers' Society chapter in your community or school to nurture innovation, creation, startups, and community.

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Benefits of Membership

Connect with a global community
Be mentored with peers and professionals
Join projects from outreaches to sprints
Discounts and delegations to events worldwide
Support for your work and journey
Learn, engage, workshop, and more
Create and innovate for social good
Also, we're cool & have great merch ♥

How can I contribute?

Developers' Society hosts a huge array of things from a digital publication on innovation and tech to various online hackathons to mentorship programs to our education initiative. There's always something going around—and the community will always be here.

Open to high school & college students globally.
Creation be it through programming, design, or startups!
With a passion to create & the desire to hustle hard.

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