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Learn about the global movement putting innovation in the hands of every student.

Developers' Society

Developers' Society is a global technology non-profit that seeks to nurture youth innovation through accessible computer science education, opportunity, and a united, student-led community. In operation since 2016 now with over 450 members and a reach of over 50,000 people in 10+ countries, we work to create inclusive opportunities and projects amongst our network of chapters, empower and spotlight students making a difference, develop computer science curriculum and modules, incubate student technology projects for social impact, and more through our pillars of education, opportunity, and community.

Mainly serving developing countries, Developers' Society recognizes the importance of community in motivating students to pursue technology and innovation and as a support system, education that is accessible, teachable, contextual, and inclusive of students from all backgrounds and walks of life, and opportunities that equip them to be students at day, and changemakers at night through technology. The organization is unique in its entirely student-led nature, focus on making tangible impact and creating whole projects, and nurturing both technical and soft skills.

Mission: Bring students together to impact classrooms, communities, industry, and more--give them a glimpse of the tech world, cultivate their ideas, and ensure that this potential is made as accessible as possible.

Our Story

Founded in 2016 in a high school in Manila, Philippines—a group of students saw potential to make a difference in the world through technology. With every line of code coming closer to a solution (no matter how small), we sought to elevate student-led creation, build a network for student collaboration, and expose more students to build alongside them.

Most notably in the developing world, the overwhelming divide in education and resources deprives us of maximizing a culture of creation that could change the current state of affairs in the startup and tech realm. We realized that we want to be part of unleashing creation in every student, breaking barriers and building communities as we learn to build for the world.

Vision: The world molded by socially-impactful technology through the creative, innovative, and empathetic youth.

Meet the Team

Chiara Amisola, Developers' Society's President & Founder

Chiara Amisola

Founder & President

Chia is a first-year at Yale majoring in Computer Science. In love with the intertwine of code and the humanities + angsty and angry at the state of the world, she seeks to advocate for tech and social good.

Reach her by email at chia@devsociety.ph, LinkedIn at Chia Amisola, or on Twitter as @amisoIa.

Keith Leonardo, Developers' Society Global Internal Vice President

Keith Leonardo

Vice President for Internals

Pursuing computer science at the University of Melbourne, Keith is an avid computer programmer, web developer, and game designer who cares about spreading technology and impacting the youth.

Reach him on LinkedIn at Keith Leonardo.

Mary Pauline M. Baterna or Polly Baterna, Developers' Society Global External Vice President

Polly Baterna

Vice President for Internals

Polly hopes to further prove technopreneurship applicable to any and every walk of life. She is an incoming college freshman taking up BS Information Technology Entrepreneurship at Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines.

Reach her on LinkedIn at Pauline Baterna, or on Twitter as @pollywaaaag.

Archit Gupta, Vice President for Education

Archit Gupta

Vice President for Education

Archit Gupta is a junior at a high school in New Delhi, India. He strongly believes that the future is technology and wants to make everyone technologically-abled, including those who can’t afford to.

Bianca Aguilar, Vice President for Marketing

Bianca Aguilar

Co-Vice President for Marketing

Bianca Aguilar is a creative at heart. Passionate about the intersection of the arts and technology, she works tirelessly to create for her numerous advocacies, such as mental health and feminism.

Reach her on LinkedIn at Bianca Aguilar.

Jacob Darvin, Vice President for Marketing

Jacob Darvin

Co-Vice President for Marketing

Jacob Darvin is a freshman at De La Salle University taking Computer Science. He has been with the Developers’ Society since its launch in 2016 and has worked on projects most notably in map design which has reached over ~10,000 people.

Aria Fong, Vice President for Innovation

Aria Fong

Co-Vice President for Innovation

Aria is a critical designer and an artful developer. A regular in hackathons, she enjoys solving everyday problems with solutions that focus on efficiency and sustainability.

Joseph Cottingham, Vice President for Innovation

Joseph Cottingham

Co-Vice President for Innovation

Joseph Cottingham is a high school senior attending the Downingtown STEM Academy. Joey has a love of developing products and companies.

Joan Francisco, Vice President for Computing

Joan Francisco

Vice President for Computing

Joan Francisco is currently a scholar at Philippine Science High School — SOCCSKSARGEN Region Campus. She is an advocate for women in tech, a competitive programmer, web developer, and public speaker.

Christian Dasalla, Vice President for Community

Christian Dasalla

Vice President for Community

Christian Dasalla is junior at Philippine Science High School — Main, specializing in Physics and Engineering. As a youth leader, advocate, and Computer Science enthusiast with a heart for the community, he aims to make an impact in society through technology and education.

Isabelle Lavandero

Isabelle Lavandero

Director for Cipher (International)

Isabelle Lavandero is a developer and life-long student who is passionate about championing the advocacy for diversity in tech. Hailing from the Philippines, she is now a junior at New York University studying computer science and communication.

Kirsten Sison, Director for Cipher Philippines

Kirsten Sison

Director for Cipher (Philippines)

Kirsten Sison is an enthusiastic freshie from De La Salle University Manila who is passionate to reach greater heights by empowering women in the tech scene. She loves organizing and going to tech events to gain knowledge and connect with inspirational women in the field through storytelling.

Davendra Hassan, Director for DevEd

Davendra Hassan

Director for DevEd

Davendra Hassan is an artist, activist and aspiring astrophysicist from 81 Senior High School Jakarta. She is a lover of both science and art. Her designs have been featured in numerous ways, from school merchandises to international magazines.

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