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Find out how to join the Developers' Society family, get engaged with our current projects and activites happening offline and offline, or bring Developers' Society to your locale.

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How can I help?

Developers' Society wouldn't be possible without its members. We have a lot of things going on and in store, so here's a quick guide on how to get in on the action! Alternatively, don't forget to see our projects page to see what's going on.

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Attend a DevDays

Join a local DevSoc meetup known as DevDays for mini-workshops, talks, food, and fun! Engage, or just code away with a friend.


Members can participate in all projects, engage and discuss, access exclusive events and opportunities, and join the family!

Staff Openings

Make things possible. Join DevSoc's student-run team of changers and doers that execute events for our global organization.

Join Projects

Contribute to DevEd, be an online mentor/mentee, hack together some creations... Participate in our ongoing events!

Host a Chapter

Connect your local tech club to the DevSoc network or establish a new chapter in your school or community.


Become an official Developers' Society member to join our community, get access to all events and projects, have the opportunity to volunteer for projects, be spotlighted, engage and collaborate, and receive exclusive opportunities. Main perk: joining our family and becoming part of the community! Some events are also members-only.

Eligibility: Developers' Society is open to students from middle school to university in any field and of any skill level with a love for technology and bridging it to their personal advocacies. (No prior programming experience required; and that means we welcome designers, creatives, enthusiasts, advocates... not just programmers!

Membership is free and is processed on a rolling basis globally—so note that this does not automatically place you into your local chapter, as they may have their own registration process.

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Become a Staff Member

Be a closer part of the action and make things happen with us. See executive position openings, become a regional director for your area, or become a core member and ambassador.

Skill requirements vary per role, and are open to all students. See our staff page for details.

Staff Roles

Start a Chapter

Connect your local computer/technology club to Developers' Society, or begin a new chapter to bring the family to your area and make offline events possible.

We'll be with you every step of the way— whether as a regional group representing a location or just an in-school thing, we've got you covered. Read our official playbook to learn about our activities, and find out how to host your first session. Interested? Email us at hello[at]devsociety[dot]ph with an introduction of yourself and your interest in setting up a chapter.

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Hosting a Meetup