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Developers' Society is a global student-powered nonprofit organization working to improve computer science education and to nurture student-led innovation.

In a world fueled by technology, every student deserves to be a part of building their future.

Founded in 2016 by Chiara Amisola as a high school junior in the Philippines to teach code and build projects together, our bustling club of forty quickly realized an issue much bigger than ourselves.

With a culture stigmatizing independent creation, the lack of a peer community in innovation, along with quality and economic divides in access to crucial education to turn childhood dreamers into youth doers, we realized that we want to be part of unleashing creation in every student, breaking barriers and building communities as we learn to build for the world.

Improving computer science educationImproving computer science education

Spread code education to all.

Despite high demand and practical necessity along math and science, few schools offer programming and other techvoc classes—the socioeconomic and class divide furthers this inaccessibility.

Nurturing student-led innovationNurturing student innovation

Create for the world.

In a world that demands less luxury startups and more social good, less pitch-only concepts and competitions and more action, diverse students make the most socially-impactful creators.

Let's put innovation in the hands of our students, accessible to all, built for all.

The barriers in access to resources, communities, and opportunities in technology need to be shattered.

Now with over 400 members, impacting over 40,000 students, and spanning over ten countries, we are Developers' Society. We're sparking a movement for creation, building a better world a step at a time.


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Teach tech with us across public schools in the Philippines.

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Empowering and celebrating students making a difference through creation and STEAM.

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Leading a computing education initiative through curriculum development.

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Online hackathons for social causes. Learn, collaborate, and build for the world.

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Five-week online program where students build a project with a mentor.

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Developers' Society is embarking on a series of outreaches all over the Philippines to introduce technology through game development and robotics (we're exploring with Twine, Scratch, LEGO Mindstorms, Arduino, and more!). Every student is a natural creator, and this is one of our initiatives to bring technology and innovation to every classroom.

Aside from teaching technology, we're also looking to donate school supplies and maker kits (complete with storybooks on the importance of innovation and STEM, written and designed by us!)

Volunteer as a teacher Be a school partner

Get involved If you're a student or recent graduate located in the Philippines, you can help us as a volunteer teacher.

If you're a public school or community representative, we are always looking for more partners across the Philippines. Please send us a message at chia@devsociety.ph for more information.


Developers' Society Team

This is us. (We're so excited to have you join us!)

Executive Team

Check our open committee positions and apply to help spearhead a movement that cares about getting every student to create. Different positions for different skillsets, whether a core member or director.

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Become a member to participate and volunteer for projects, and to be a part of an incredible community.
Open to all students from anywhere in the world.

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Bring Developers' Society to your institution or local community as a regional director. We'll give you resources, support, and study the state of CS in your area—so we can make a difference.

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We πŸ’ž collaborating with amazing organizations and groups that share the same advocacy as us. If interested in collaborations or sponsorships, send us a message at devsocietyph@gmail.com.

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About Developers' Society

Learn about Developers' Society

Developers’ Society is a global student-powered nonprofit organization working towards accessible and quality computer science education, providing students with community, resources, and opportunity to front student-led innovation for social good that we nurture and accelerate for impact.

Our pillars are rooted in education, community, opportunity, and advocacy. Education acts as our foundation and is the forefront and first barrier to innovation. Community acts as our binding force in creating a continuous support system for students to learn from one another, collaborate, and build together—celebrating diversity and inclusivity. We aim to build and connect students to opportunities that give them exposure, training, and empowerment to be better equipped as creators and founders, and connect all that we build to advocacy, believing in creation for social good.

Bringing students together to battle divides in access to the tech industry, we’re nurturing students, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, to learn the fundamentals of tech, explore the industry, and be a part of our innovations that change the world. The organization consists of over 400 members from ten countries, representing different regions, ideals, backgrounds, and perspectives.

Global Developers' Society Team

Chia Amisola

Founder & President

Lover of code, equality, empathy, and angsty poetry. πŸ•³

Polly Baterna

VP For Externals

Business mogul, spreadsheet master, bingewatcher lord. 🌈

Keithy Leonardo

VP For Internals

Textbook programming, Star Wars, and math nerd. πŸ‘Ύ

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